Latest Scholarships February 2024 : Cigma Pedia

Latest Scholarships February 2024 : Cigma Pedia

List of Latest Scholarships February 2024 : Announced Across India – Cigma Pedia

πŸŽ“ Who Can Apply?
Boys & Girls from Class 1 to Post Graduation

⏰ Last Date To Apply
29 February 2024 πŸš€ Apply now and seize your opportunity! 🌈

πŸš€ Scholarship Highlights:

1. Danish Professional Education Scholarship for 1st year UG Students 2023-24 Up to Rs.35,000/- per student

2. Turkiye Burslari Scholarship for UG, PG & Ph.D. 2024 Fully funded

3. Minority Welfare Department Karnataka Fee Reimbursement Scholarship for Diploma, UG and PG Students 2023-24 Varies based on family income, covering tuition fees

4. SSP Post Matric Scholarship 2023-24 Based On Course Studying

5. VidyaVikas Scholarship For Any Under Graduate Students 2023-24 Upto Rs.75,000/- per student

6. HelpOne Scholarship by Eaton India Foundation For Class 1st to PG Students 2023-24 Upto Rs.25.000/-

7. JK Tyre Shiksha Sarthi Scholarship for Diploma, ITI, UG Students 2024 Up to Rs. 25,000/-

8. Goa State All Scholarship for Class 1 to PG Students 2024 Upto Rs. 25000/- per student

9. Nehru Trusts UK Travel Awards 2024 Up to Β£1,000 for maintenance

10. Priyadarshini Academy Scholarship for UG Students 2024 Rs. 10000/- per student

11. Umbrella Post Matric Scholarship Arunachal Pradesh for Class 11 to PG Students 2024 Upto Rs. 1200/- per month

12. Past Chairs’ Legacy Scholarship for UG Students 2024 $ 2,500 per Student

13. Ramalingaswami Re-entry Fellowship for Postdoctoral Students 2024 Rs. 1,00,000/- per month

14. Kerala State Merit Scholarship for UG and PG Students 2024 Upto Rs 1500 per year

15. The Secret of Work National Level Scholarship Test 2024 Upto Rs. 50,000/-

16. Centrally Sponsored Pre And Post Matric Scholarship For ST Students 2024 Rs. 12000/- per student

17. Umbrella Scheme for Education of ST Students Pre-Matric Scholarship, Jammu and Kashmir 2024 Up to Rs. 350 for 10 months

18. KU Leuven Masters Scholarship Fully Funded In 2024-2025 Fully funded

19. Abu Dhabi University Scholarships in UAE 2024-2025 Up to 100% tuition fee

20. Pragati Scholarship by Epsilon Foundation for Class 11 to 12 Students 2023-24 Rs. 15,000/- per Student

🌈 Success Stories of Students (Recipients)

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