Charitable Trust

Those who (in charity) spend of their goods by night and day by day, In secret and in public, Have their reward, With their Lord, On them shall be no fear, Nor shall they grieve.  

(Ayat 274, Surat Al baqr, AL-Qur’an)

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About us

BAZM-E-NISWAN is a dynamic organization of women in Bangalore City, meeting the challenges faced by the under-privileged and the destitute. It has contributed, in the past 40 years, to solving many problems faced by women by offering help in the fields of education, social development, economic upliftment and moral reformation. It has strived incessantly to bring light and relief into the lives of thousands of women.

Its aim is to give them relief, self-confidence and dignity. Registered in 1971 at Bangalore, as a society, by a group of women with vision and foresight, it has continued its onward march of service with innovative approach. Bazm has emerged as a premier women’s organization in Karnataka with its sight on spreading its movement across the country

Focus and Objectives

  • To strive for the educational and socio-economic upliftment of women in general and the under privileged women in particular.
  • To offer emergency relief to the victims of physical abuse and economic deprivation.
  • To create a healthy atmosphere for battered women in the community and help them to lead a normal life.
  • To provide opportunities and training for self-help and income generation programmes.
  • To provide hostel facilities for students and working women.
  • To campaign and prevent abuse and violence against women.
  • To promote secularism and national integration.
  • To build character and dignity among women by dissemination of information on Islam and its teachings.
  • To network with other women and social service organizations.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words!

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BAZM-E-NISWAN C H A R I T A B L E T R U S T # 37, Muniswamy Road, Tasker Town , Bangalore 560 051. Karnataka State, INDIA.